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The KTech Software Story

KTech Software, LLC, located in Cheshire, Connecticut is a software development company focused on the values and vision of its founder Eric Klimas. After years of developing software for several different Connecticut corporations, Eric decided to branch out and make his lifelong goal of running a software company into reality in early 2004. KTech Software currently serves businesses of all sizes.  Our corporate clients continue to use KTech Software for their software development and training needs. Small and medium sized businesses are making use of KTech's unique open source solution services, technology consulting and system support to help take their businesses to the next level.

Our Philosophy

KTech Software is committed to making the software industry a better place for everybody involved. We believe in the core principles of software engineering.   We follow core set of values and principles that deliver superior solutions to our customers:

The Solution is Not as Important as What its Solving
Sometimes software professionals can get hung-up on the technology they're using.  At the end of the day, we're being hired to solve a problem for you. At KTech Software, we continue to ask ourselves and out customers the question "Are we solving the your need?".  At the end of the day, if even the most sophisticated and slick software that doesn't address your core issues, its likely not going to be used for very long, if at all, and will soon be forgotten.

Software is an Investment and Should Provide a Positive Return-On-Investment For You.
Software should do something for you financially or on some other level such as improved efficiency, effectiveness, visibility, etc. Why spend thousands of dollars on a software system only to find out it really does nothing to improve your bottom-line, productivity, or sense of well-being?  While some software companies concern themselves with how much software/services they can sell.   We focus on how much value can our solutions deliver for our customers. We feel that if our solutions provide a noticeable return on investment, the question of how much software can we sell will take care of itself.

If we don't know the answer, think your request is out of our capabilities, think you'd be better served by different professional services firm, or don't feel a solution that the you are driving toward is in their best interest, we tell you. Nobody likes to turn-away work or say "no", but we find that because we're honest with our customers, they value our advice more and there are less surprises down the line.

Customer Empowerment
We don't want to see you held hostage. We're not fans of vendor lock-in or dependence on a single software provider cause we've been burned by it ourselves.  We've seen cases in the past where customers are effectively taken advantage of by their original software developer.  Sometimes customers were unable to make required changes to their software without getting the specific developer involved, or even worse where they needed them to just keep the software running.  Its even more obscene when a developer decides to to make a financial windfall by significantly raise their billing rate at this point. 
We think this is just wrong and unethical. Therefore, we won't do this to you.  We believe that the customer should not be dependent on us when the job is done and we work diligently to provide you all the information needed to take ownership of the solution.  "But we just want to use the software" you say? Not a problem. We deliver your software ready to install and are ready to provide you whatever support you need down the road.  However, we're not going to force that decision on you.
Open Source
Do you know why Open Source is important to you? The open source movement has received much press over the last decade, and with good reason. Source code gives you power and choice, when licensed properly. When you have a solution without the source code you're at the mercy of the company who provided it to you. Companies can go out of business, get bought out, or may decide not to support the solution on newer operating systems and hardware as time goes on.
We've personally seen customers get burned in these manners. When you have the source code and the rights to do with it what you please, you can always hire a new software developer or solutions provider to pick up the ball where your old provider left off. As a result, we strive to make sure the solutions we provide be as open as possible. We can't control all 3rd party software and its licensing that may be needed for a given solution, but we can opt to use solutions that provide the most flexibility and freedom to our customers. Also, any software we're contracted to develop comes with the source code, every time.


The Bottom Line...

Our primary aim is to provide you solutions that address your needs, exceed your expectations doing so, and provide a matching level of service and support. We want our customers to recognize us for the expertise and professionalism we bring and we're confident that once you talk to us and give us a chance to show you what we can do, you'll wish you found out about the KTech difference sooner.