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Need that custom application built to give your business that competitive edge? Maybe you just need a solution that makes your existing business process run more efficiently. Either way KTech Software's consultants are ready to help you deliver on your software development needs using our years of development experience from a wide array of industries.

Our background:

  • Consultants have a background in software and system engineering from real world experience with educations backed top engineering universities

  • Wide breadth of experience with different programming tools and technologies such as C/C++, Java, J2EE and EJB, CORBA, RMI

  • Experience with a wide range of database products like Oracle and PostgreSQL with experience implementing advanced performance, high-availability, and distributed features they can provide

  • Proven experience in performance tuning and analysis of existing applications

  • Development experience on a wide range of systems from PC's running Windows or Linux, to high-end UNIX systems such as Solaris/SPARC systems and DEC systems running VMS

Our development philosophy:

  • Utilize the latest development techniques of object-oriented design to produce systems with maximum robustness, flexibility, and scalability

  • Design systems with scalability, security, and reliability in mind from the start to avoid major refactoring down the line as your systems grow beyond their original scope

  • Stick to industry backed open standards. Open standards helps your business avoid future vendor lock-in, that can cost you on several fronts in the future

  • Promote maximum software reuse. We will utilize and/or enhance any existing software thats available to you/us from our existing development libraries and/or the open source community. This saves on our development time, which in turn costs you development and potentially maintenance costs going forward