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We love software and technology.  We also enjoy meeting new customers and learning about their businesses and challenges along with helping our customers keep up with technology and maintaining their competitive edge.

What do our customers say?

Our customers have told us that they really like following when working with KTech:

  1. The breadth and depth of our experience, expertise, and knowledge that comes from developing software in a diverse set of industries
  2. Our ability to comprehend and communicate about technology using your language
  3. The honesty, integrity, and professionalism

Where do we fit in with your business?

We realize that our customers come to us with a wide range of backgrounds and varying software and technology needs.  To help you better understand the areas where we might be able to help you with your current needs, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you have a great idea for a software product but don't know where to go to get started making it a reality?
  • Do you have ideas as to where software might benefit your business and need help finding and evaluating technologies to fit your needs?
  • Does your business require you to perform tasks that require accuracy and precision that have suffered from data entry or clerical errors in the past?
  • Do you have important tasks that you or your people perform that are an annoyance or seem to be a waste of your precious time?
  • Do you need help finding and evaluating technology solutions
If you answered yes, take a look at our Software Solutions and Consulting pages or contact us today.
  • Are you looking for somebody to help keep your infrastructure running smooth and stable?
  • Do you need help running your Linux/UNIX server or your databases?
  • You found a great open source solution to your problem, but you really want somebody local to help you run the software, answer your questions and keep it running.
  • When my network/computer has troubles, I really hate working with or can't understand the questions asked by the tech support people I have to call
  • My business is growing and our network/systems are starting to get bogged down or are becoming difficult to manage.
 If you answered yes, take a look at our Software Support & Troubleshooting page or contact us today.
  • Are you a manager looking to round out your software development team with experienced software architects or Java technology experts on a temporary or permanent basis?
  • Are you a project manager looking to outsource the development of a new system?
If you answered yes, take a look at our Consulting page or contact us today.
  •  I'm a software professional or recent computer science/software engineering graduate and want to broaden my knowledge and keep up with the latest programming languages, techniques, trends, and technologies.
  • I'm looking for a training partner who can deliver concepts with hands-on, real-world examples.
  • We need a training partner who can provide a customized curriculum relevant to our business.
  • I want to keep my staff up-to-date with technology and would prefer they be trained on-site.
If you answered yes, take a look at our Training page or contact us today.